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Bolin Batman and Joker Guitars

From the info placques...

"Bolin 1991 Batman and Joker Guitars - #33

John Bolin is a skilled master luthier renowned for his custom work for celebrity guitarist-clients such as Keith Richards and Rick's good friend Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

In 1990, DC Comics commissioned Bolin to create themed guitars around their most famous rivals; Batman and The Joker. It should come as no surprise that Rick Nielson, who is said to play a cartoon character on stage, is also a fan of the Dark Knight. In fact, he's a man who takes his appreciation of comics and humor so seriously he once served as Publisher of Cracked Magazine.

On Rick's guitar, The Joker laughs menacingly when the tiny red button is pressed. With satiracal overtones and a sense of childish fun, the Batman and Joker guitars look like toys, but they were designed and built with great skill and integrity by John Bolin.

This set bears the matching serial numbers #33."


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